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About Us

The Quick Story

Fort Erie Healthcare SOS is an advocacy group within our community to highlight our need to be able to access our Urgent Care and to promote the return to 24/7 access to healthcare in Fort Erie, Port Colborne and at the Welland Hospital.  Since the Niagara Health System and the Ontario Government has tried to reorganize the way healthcare is delivered in small and rural communities; they have increasingly taken away our services in order to provide for large urban centers.  We do not want to stop the build of the larger centers but we do expect to have access in our own community.  We know that minutes matter and at least our Urgent Care could stabilize us for transport.  

Fort Erie has consistently been left out of Niagara Health's plan; in mid winter there are times when the highway is closed due to weather conditions which means our access at night is shut off completely.  We deserve full access; we are not willing to give up on our lives or that of our children's so a new hospital can be built in another city.  This is shameful and we need to make sure that we have access to the care we need, when we need it.

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