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Fort Erie Healthcare SOS Welcomes You!

Fort Erie Healthcare SOS is an advocacy group within our community to highlight our need to be able to access our Urgent Care and to promote the return to 24/7 Healthcare in Fort Erie, Port Colborne and at the Welland Hospital. We are looking to share ideas and comments on maintaining our small and rural hospitals in Ontario.

How Can You
Make A Difference?

  • Attend our events to learn more about how hospital closures are affecting rural communities across Niagara

  • Follow us on Social Media to stay up to date with news, events, and real stories from people affected in our community

  • Share information and stories across Social Media to help make a difference in your community

  • Be an advocate for change and volunteer with us to promote change and help bring back Urgent Care Access for Fort Erie, Welland and Port Colbourne

  • Get educated about the issues of Niagara's Health Care System

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Check out our Blog!


Explore stories and solutions for 24/7 access to healthcare in Fort Erie, Port Colborne, and Welland. Join us in amplifying voices for rural healthcare access and positive change.

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Use Your Voice to Speak Up!

Send a Letter to Doug Ford & Sylvia Jones

Join us by telling Doug Ford and Sylvia Jones that public trust in this government can only be restored by restoring what has been cut from our hospitals and restoring healthcare services in all communities.

Please click on the red button below and “TAKE ACTION” and send an email to Premier Doug Ford and Ontario Minister of Health Sylvia Jones if you agree that Fort Erie residents deserve the same level of healthcare as people who live in big cities

Access the letter below!

To automatically send a letter to Doug Ford and Sylvia Jones, select the Take Action button above. If you wish to view the letter or print it for your own viewing, select the Download Here button below.

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The Future Looks Bright


Local Empowerment

Change for the Better

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Let's talk

November 2023

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Community Oriented


Douglas Memorial Hospital was a full service healthcare facility dedicated to keeping the people in Fort Erie and surrounding areas healthy.  In many small and rural areas hospitals were part of the center of activity. They were an ongoing support system for local Doctors. The Hospital was supported by many in the community that were able to donate financially to ensure that the health of the community did not suffer .

Join and be part of Healthcare history in   Fort Erie & Niagara

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